The Music Mango offers different thematic programs. Each program can be tailored to include a variable
number of performers ranging from three to eight members. We also offer a variety of program lengths from a 50 minute concert with no intermission to a full-length program with intermission. In this way, we are able to accommodate many kinds of individual concert series. The following are some of our various programs.

“From Heaven to Hell: The Drama of the French Baroque”
This program presents the rich, sublime, sometimes terrifying extremes of French music in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. From the halls of Versailles to the vibrant salons of Paris, storytelling was alive with characters from the Old Testament and from Greek legends. Combining little-known vocal cantatas and instrumental music of the period, this program includes works by Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, Jean Bodin de Boismortier, and Louis-Nicolas Clérambault.


“Saints and Sinners: In Her Own Words and Music”
Seventeenth-century Italy was a hotbed of musical innovation and creativity, and men and women participated in its musical culture in distinctive ways. Women were singers, instrumental performers, patrons, and, in some remarkable cases, composers of the highest order. In the program “Saints and Sinners,” Mango Baroque explores music by some of these female composers, including sensuous cantatas by Barbara Strozzi (a courtesan who turned to the composition of sacred music later in life), as well as motets by the nuns Maria Chiara Cozzolani and Isabella Leonarda. We seek to breathe new life into their remarkable compositions through imaginative, expressive, and dramatic interpretations.


“Women on the Verge”
Women becoming undone has been a powerful subject for centuries and music from the 18th Century is no exception. Whether it is a woman’s response to lost love, the aftermath of a terrible rape, or the final thoughts before being condemned to death, the drama is palpable. Come experience with Mango the many facets of women at their most vulnerable.


“And God said...”
A wealth of dramatic stories comes from religion and their representation through music is widespread. While some pieces are appropriate parts of worship services, many others work best in the setting of a concert where the stories can unfold dramatically. Drawing on music from France, Germany and Italy, Mango exposes the richness of these dramas and characters, bringing them to life and showing them in a different context.

Upcoming Concerts
September 27, 2018
The Price of Virtue: #metoo
Lucrezia by George Frideric Handel
Susanne by Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre
Mason Gross Concert Series at Rutgers University, Voorhees Chapel
New Brunswick, New Jersey

December 5, 2018
Saints and Sinners: In Her Own Words and Music
Music exclusively by female Italian Baroque composers
Casa Italiana at Columbia University
New York, New York

May 23, 2019
“And God Said...”: The Sacred Cantatas of Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre
Susanne and Samson
Midtown Concerts at St. Bart's (a project of Gotham Early Music Scene)
New York, New York

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